Major changes in the Baltic Drag Racing Series in 2024

The Baltic Drag Racing CUP work group has made major changes in the series for season 2024.

The main changes concern the racing categories of the series. The work group has decided to turn the series more towards head-up racing and has canceled out the less popular bracket classes. The newly added categories are similar to the national racing categories of all three Baltic States, and they have gathered a lot of popularity so far.

The new category field of Baltic Drag Racing Series is as follows:

Baltic A (B/A) – Heads-Up category for street cars. No engine or drivetrain limitation. Class index 12.90 (8.23) sec. Sportsman tree. Sportsman ladder
Baltic B (B/B) – Heads-Up category for street cars. No engine or drivetrain limitation. Class index 11.90 (7.6) sec. Sportsman tree. Sportsman ladder
Baltic PRO (B/P) – Full-bodied, dragsters, funny cars, altered cars and tube frame cars. No engine limitations. Class index 7.50 (4.50) sec. Pro tree. Pro ladder
PRO ET (PET) – Bracket racing for cars. Elimination indexes between 14.999 to 10,500 sec. Sportsman ladder. Sportsman tree.

The Baltic Drag Racing Series races will be held in all Baltic States, and the racing calendar looks like this:

Round 1 28-30.06.2024 Ameerika Auto EDRA Nationals (EST)
Round 2 13-14.07.2024 Lietuvos Drag Čempionato, Kazlu Ruda (LT)
Round 3 3-4.08.2024 Latvijas Dragreisa Festivals Ventspils (LAT)
Round 4 10-11.08.2024 Gasoline Capybara Dragrace (EST)

The Baltic Drag Racing work group is also planning to add 2 motorbike categories to the series, but the actions to harmonize rules and terms between all 3 motorcycle federations are still a work in progress and will be officially announced as soon as the agreements have been made and the basics have been agreed on.
The rest of the fundamental things in the series will remain as they were last year.

The work group will gladly respond to all your questions and suggestions. Updated rule books will be published and announced within 4 weeks. Please contact us via e-mail